Margaret Donahue Park: A Hidden Gem in Chicago, IL


Chicago, often dubbed the “Windy City,” is known for its bustling urban landscape and iconic skyline. Amidst the city’s towering skyscrapers and bustling streets lies a serene oasis known as Margaret Donahue Park. Tucked away in the Lakeview neighborhood, this charming park offers a tranquil retreat for residents and visitors alike. Find further facts here.

A Brief History

Margaret Donahue Park, named after a local community activist, has a rich history. Margaret Donahue was a dedicated advocate for open spaces in the city, and her legacy lives on through this park. Established in the 1970s, the park was initially a vacant lot. However, through community efforts and the Chicago Park District’s support, it transformed into the welcoming green space we know today. Learn more about Sheil (Bernard) Park: A Serene Oasis in Chicago, IL.

Park Features

1. Lush Greenery: Margaret Donahue Park boasts lush lawns, mature trees, and vibrant flowerbeds. This carefully landscaped greenery provides a serene environment for relaxation and recreation.

2. Playground: Families with children will appreciate the park’s playground, complete with swings, slides, and climbing structures. It’s a perfect spot for kids to burn off some energy.

3. Basketball Court: Basketball enthusiasts can enjoy a game or two on the park’s basketball court. It’s a popular spot for friendly neighborhood competitions.

4. Community Gardens: The park is home to community gardens where local residents can cultivate their own plants and vegetables, fostering a sense of community and environmental stewardship.

5. Outdoor Seating: Picnic tables and benches are scattered throughout the park, inviting visitors to relax, read a book, or enjoy a leisurely picnic.

Events and Activities

Margaret Donahue Park hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year. From outdoor yoga sessions to community clean-up days, there’s always something happening that brings the neighborhood together.


Margaret Donahue Park is a hidden gem in the heart of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, offering a peaceful respite from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its lush greenery, playground, basketball court, and community gardens, it has something for everyone. Whether you’re a local looking for a quiet escape or a visitor exploring the city, Margaret Donahue Park is a must-visit destination that embodies the spirit of community and green living in Chicago.

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