Helping Clients Consolidate After a Divorce

I can help you to find the best solution for your situation. If you’re looking for help with consolidation after divorce, I can provide the guidance and expertise you need. Give me a call today, and let’s get started.

Plan for the Future and Get Your Life on Track

After a divorce, it’s common for things to feel scattered and disorganized. You might be dealing with new living arrangements, custody arrangements, and life changes. Consolidation after divorce can help you get your life back on track by streamlining your finances, making sure you’re staying on top of your bills and helping you plan for the future. As an agent, I can help you navigate this process. I serve clients throughout the North Side, River North, Northside Suburbs, and Northside Downtown Chicago.

Simplify Your Finances After Divorce

By consolidating your debts and assets, you can simplify your financial life and get a fresh start.

I specialize in consolidation after divorce, providing third-party handling of the transaction from start to finish. This allows for pre-planning of the disbursement agreement, pricing, staging, photography, 3-D floor plans, and streamlined communication between both parties and their attorneys. I’m here to make your consolidation process as smooth as possible.

How the Process Works

1. Get in Touch

I will assess your current situation and work with you to come up with a plan that fits your needs.

2. Get Ready for Sale

Next, I will help you get your house ready for sale. This may include decluttering, staging, and making any necessary repairs or updates.

3. Negotiation

Once we have found a buyer for your home, I will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible price. Payment will be distributed between the two parties as negotiated prior to the sale.

4. Final Paperwork

I will take care of all of the paperwork and logistics involved in the sale and payment distribution, taking the weight of the process off of your shoulders.

With my help, you can consolidate after divorce and move on with your life.

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